How to Increase your Instagram Engagement

5 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

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Let’s face it, not every business has the budget to spend for ads, at least not at the moment. But that does not mean you have to limit yourself on how you can promote your products on Instagram. Aside from learning Instagram’s feed algorithm, there are other tips on how to manually and objectively target your market and boost engagement. According to Forrester, Instagram engagement – measured by likes, shares and comments from consumers – is also off the chart, boasting a rate of 4.21%. That’s 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter. So get ready to put some glam in your gram!

1. Maximize Instagram features

It is widely known to everybody that Instagram has become a marketplace for all. In this platform, once you have mastered its features and are able to use the right tools to reach your followers, it is guaranteed to achieve follower engagement. Start from the basic publishing of posts, always tag people or brands that you promote, include hashtags, location, and link your Instagram to your other social media accounts. With Instagram stories, always engage with your viewers by letting them answer a poll, update them with a series of stories, include links, tag people or brands that you promote, location and hashtags. By following these steps, you will find yourself in reach or feed tabs that you may not know because you have maximized the app features.

2. Publish authentic and creative content

The relevance of what you post and how you make your audience feel with your posts always matter. In the Instagram world, you may find cliché ways of promoting or sharing displays of anything under the sun. It is important that you capture your reach with your creative and authentic approach. Some people would like to know your story, how you got there, how a product helped you, or how an experience changed you. From there, you may start engaging with people that can possibly relate to your type of content. You may consider doing long posts, visually creative Instagram feed, and eye-catching story/content.

3. Collaborate with brands and influencers

When you start from scratch or minimal followers, one way to boost your engagement with your potential reach is to connect with people closest to you whom you know will help you achieve your goal. Find someone with the same interest or content you have, collaborate with micro-influencers, participate in Instagram contests, and engage with small brands that will eventually lead you to bigger brands. By this, you will be open to more possible engagement to other people’s platforms and creating new doors for your Instagram profile.

4. Schedule and promote your posts

Of course for every social media, there is a perfect timing for every post that you will publish. It is said the best time for Instagram engagement is when your audience is online. You can access this data by going into your Audience Insights.

The best way to have an educated guess on when the best time to post is to really understand your audience. What are their jobs, what do they do, what their daily routine is, these are just some questions you can ask about your target customers that may help you narrow down the time when they go online.

Once you determine the right day and time, you can easily schedule your instagram posts with this helpful article.

5. Monitor and follow the pattern of your best content

As soon as you get your niche on Instagram and determine your best reach of content, you can monitor your insights on your profile and see, analyze what you have done to achieve this number. Check how many profiles have been reached, your recent profile visits for a particular post, likes and comments. You may want to repeat the kind or type of post you have published, stick to it and engage with more followers. Also, don’t hesitate to try recreating yourself, your contents, and your overall display for more possible engagement.

As your community grows, so does the time it takes to engage and connect with them. When you feel that your time is better spent somewhere else, you can outsource your digital promotions, our professional social media management services include maintaining your online communities, running your social ads, and managing your accounts for you, so you can focus on running and growing your business. 

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