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Which social media network should you use for your business?

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The Philippines was named the Social Networking Capital of the World a few years ago and has kept that title until now, with good reason. But which businesses would benefit most from each social network? We’ve included some information about which social networks work best with which businesses based on performance features and recent trends. They’re listed from most popular in the Philippines to least popular, according to analytics website Alexa, which ranks websites according to an average of daily visitors and total views per month. 



All kinds of businesses can benefit from having a Facebook page, as it provides a platform for sharing news and interesting content, gaining customer feedback, promoting, and more. In the Philippines, however, the top brands on Facebook are mostly in the food, travel & restaurant industries.




YouTube is a unique platform due to content being entirely made out of videos. This makes it occupy a special niche such that it’s suited to showcasing brands that put heavy emphasis on video output being tied in with their product. According to Google, most of the top 10 Youtube brand channels are media brands, with a chunk of these brands focusing exclusively on gaming like the Playstation, League of Legends, and Call of Duty channels.




The top brands on Twitter internationally according to are technology brands such as Samsung, Android, Microsoft, Playstation, Google Chrome, and Windows, and both luxury and non-luxury retail brands. In the Philippines, this is accompanied by airline and telecommunication brands.




Though at first Instagram would seem like a heaven for product showcases, using it only to post product photos isn’t a solid strategy. In addition to retail, the most popular brands on Instagram have turned out to be brands from food & restaurant, hotels, sports, media, and automobile businesses.




LinkedIn is a social network for professionals wherein both individuals and companies showcase their brand and connect with their professional network. LinkedIn helps with job hunting, inbound marketing, and industry trend watching, as you have the option to follow companies, groups, or individual influencers for more information. Recently, LinkedIn announced the top 15 most engaged companies on LinkedIn, and the brands that get the most out of LinkedIn were mostly technology and social networking brands.




Although ranked the lowest social network in popularity in the Philippines, Pinterest has recently emerged globally as the fastest-growing social networking website for retail businesses. It is becoming a strong contender to Facebook and Twitter due to its high conversion rate to product sales, according to international analytics firm, Blueocean Market Intelligence. Pinterest is a haven for visuals and enables people to browse through and pin photos of products they find appealing and then find them either on the brand’s website or in stores. Good industries for this network would be Fashion, Beauty, Design, and Arts & Crafts. Food & restaurant businesses also thrive due to drool-worthy photos and do-it-yourself recipes.


Remember, this is just a rough guide. Learn about the functions of each social networking website and see if they fit what your brand can offer. Follow some big brands and see how they leverage their online communities so you can also learn how to apply these tricks for your business.


Managing an active social media presence requires your full attention as you have to engage with customers, post regular content, network with other influencers, and perform high performing social ads, which can be very time consuming considering you should be focused on growing your empire. If you need to have professionals manage your business social accounts for you, check out our Professional Social Media Management Service.



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