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The Underestimated Power of Social

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Social media has become an essential part of marketing your business to your customers in order to share new products, events, and campaigns. Even now, the number of your competitors continuously rises which is why it is so important for your business to adapt to the world of digital marketing. Though there are some cons to it, the power of social is unparalleled and the pros still outweigh the cons. Here are six other underrated reasons as to why social is crucial to the growth of your business:

1. Discover industry trends

Having a social media profile is good for your business not only for the visibility it brings but as well as an opportunity to reach a wider audience and more conversions. Additionally, being in the know of what your audience likes and responds to is an important part of creating your digital strategy. Being online lets you in on the latest trends, news, and services of products that your community talks about as well. 

2. Allows competitive analysis

Scoping out your competition is one of the most important things to do when you are building your social media business profile. Everyone and everything is searchable as long as it is on the web, and you should be able to find your competitors through this way too. When doing a social media check on your competitors take note of the following: if they have a website or other social media channels, what type of content they post, the number of followers they have on each social media profile, their average post on their profiles as well as how much engagement they garnered from their fans and audience, and finally their branding. Create a checklist comparing all your competitors along with your brand to see where you could improve on where they underperform, and where you could also draw in more customers.

3. Positioning Power over Competition

Positioning is how your brand differentiates your products or services from its competitors and how your product should be perceived by your target audience. One way to inspect where you lie among your competitors is by doing research on their pages. Check their Facebook page for what type of posts they do and what paid ads they have via Facebook Ads Library. You can also do the same with Instagram by using the same platform. The Ad Library feature for Facebook and Instagram will not only help you find ads by your competitors but can also show you what they call a “spending tracker” of how much a company has spent on different ads and what their total is. Know what their weaknesses are, so you can dominate that field.

4. Search Engine Backlinks

Having your presence online along with getting reviews or mentions from past customers can create a linkless backlink. Even if your company or brand is mentioned without a hyperlink, it can still trace back to you or allow people to find you on search engines social media platforms. When tallying up the number of mentions it could make your brand’s end up higher on search engine results. Other examples of linkless backlinks are your business or brand in a news article, being mentioned in a review or forum, along with interviews, podcasts, and video transcripts. This factor is one of the best ways to naturally promote your brand. 

5. Humanize Your Brand

One of the easiest ways to connect with your customers is through humanizing a brand. The people would not want to talk to a cold, faceless company but someone approachable like a friend, so it’s important to look and sound the part as a brand and company. If you want people to be interested and connect with you, your content has to be authentic and consistent to your brand. Additionally, don’t try too hard to sell your products or services to faceless consumers either, treat them as a friend you are suggesting a product to. Moreover, you can also humanize your brand by going behind the scenes. Show them the process of how your products are made or the people making the products. Humanizing your brand not only draws in potential customers but also incites loyalty from returning customers.

6. Build Loyalty

As previously stated, humanizing your brand could already influence your customers to be more loyal to your brand and products. To really establish loyalty from new and returning customers, you need to do a thorough social listening of what they say about your products and brand. Their praises or rants are what helps people perceive you as a brand and can also cause your success or downfall. In this way, you can improve where you can or address certain issues they have. Other than that, you also need to remember to assist your customers when they need it. Being an active and approachable brand gives customers a good experience and will more likely have them returning.  

Despite the many hardships you will experience at the beginning, when setting up your social media business profile and creating the right strategy and content, it will be worth it if you will be able to open more opportunities and get more customers. You have most of the information you need as to why your business needs socials but attending our webinar will have a more thorough explanation and tips on how you could execute them properly. Our webinar will be held on June 30, 2021 where you will learn all of this and more. Check out the EVENT PAGE for more information about the masterclass, 

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