Introducing our Social Media Masterclass Series

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Last August 18, 2018, Online Philippines launched the Social Media Masterclass Series for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners at Greatwork Global Business Campus, Quezon City. The introductory class was focused on increasing their website traffic using social media.



The class comprised mostly of start up entrepreneurs, business owners and those currently looking to start their own business or websites. Most of which raised similar marketing concerns: Limited budget, creative staff, time and ideas for social media posting.


Workshop participants learned about how to interpret Google Analytics, Key Performance Indicators of a Website’s Performance, Social Media Content Posting Strategies, and Evaluation of Social Media Marketing Efforts as well as measuring sales conversions on their websites.



After the seminar, business owners received a FREE Marketing Consultation with our Managing Director, Ms. Cristine Ongson.



Due to insistent public demand, we will be doing a repeat of Session 1: Increase your Website Traffic and Sales using Social Media on October 27, 1-4pm at the same venue. Registration will be announced later on in the coming weeks. Thank you to all who came to our first seminar and we look forward to growing our community of entrepreneurs this year.

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