How to Hack the New Facebook News Feed Algorithm

How to Hack the New Facebook News Feed Algorithm

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Yes, it’s true — the Facebook News Feed is once again evolving. Mark Zuckerberg announced that there will be a huge overhaul of Facebook’s news feed algorithm. What does this overhaul mean? It means that Facebook will no longer prioritize content posted by businesses and news media outlets. The news feed will now share more the content of your friends and family to pave the way for a platform that allow more meaningful social interactions.


So it’s pretty much bad news for business owners especially those who rely on Facebook Pages for their regular post interactions with their audience. Fortunately, it isn’t the end of the road just yet. It may be harder now to reach more of your target audience but it doesn’t mean that bridge can’t be crossed. So here are some tips we have for you to be able to make the most out of the new algorithm.




Since Facebook will now value what your friends and family share, it’s important for people to share your content in order to generate more views on your end. It’s important to emphasize sharing when it comes to your caption and make sure it stands out. Instead of saying “share this” which can get flagged as engagement bait, you can phrase it in another way as though to word it as if it would be great for others to know about a particular product. Some phrases that can be used are “Tag your friend who need this (product)”, or “Let your friends know about this awesome place!”.




Another tactic is to meme-ify your post, something that can be “viral” and that can easily be shared by users without hesitation. It takes a bit more creativity to do these, so take your time, do a couple of sample posts and see what “clicks” with your audience.




You can also target Facebook groups to target your ideal audience without sacrificing the opportunity to be seen. Post and engage with the members within the group. Do not spam these groups as you may get penalized or kicked out by the admins. Follow the rules set forth by the group admins to ensure that you don’t get on their bad side. Offer relevant content and make sure to actually engage in conversation with the people in these groups to establish good relationships with the users.




It’s one of the harder ones because it is quite difficult for people to converse on your posts. With this, you need to value comments and dialogue. If there is an opportunity for online discussion, let it happen and don’t forget to ride along the comments section with your readers.




You can also reward commenters by possibly citing them in your future articles or even posting a comment of the day or week. It’s also important to post text that actually asks questions which can spark better dialogue and conversation between people. Make your customers the hero of your story, that will also encourage more people to comment, reply and share their own content with you!




Lastly, respond promptly and ask follow up questions so that your presence can be seen and felt more. As much as possible, try to keep the ball rolling, build up on topics by adding a build up question to a previous topic. The more engaged the people are in a certain subject the better. Whenever you reply to your audience, your posts get seen again in the news feed, which therefore increases your visibility.




In posting content from your Business Page, create content that offer more information that is relevant to yiur audience. Since the exposure of your posts will be lessened, make sure that the contents you are actually putting out there is of good value. So how do you make sure that a post is high quality? Here’s a quick checklist:


Topic is relevant and offers good information to audience

Topic is new and interesting

The post design is visually appealing

The caption is of considerable length (Not too short or too long)

The content message is custom tailored to your target audience


Bottom line, what does it mean for social media managers handling Brand Pages? Well, this new update poses a new challenge to be more creative, engaging, and really spend time forming a good relationship with your audience. Now it goes beyond just posting. This can be a time and labor intensive process that a start up, small or medium scale businesses may not have the resources for.


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