Q&A With Nikita Yu of Greatwork Global

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Here’s our quick Q&A Session with Mrs. Nikita Yu, Chief Greatness Officer of Greatwork Global, a coworking space in Quezon City that utilizes location-based digital marketing and commits to providing a dynamic full-serviced working environment for its customers.


What is your company name and what do you do?

GreatWork has been in operations for 11 months now and our goal since opening is to help our clients save money by providing workspace solutions like CoWorking, Serviced Offices, and Virtual Offices. Our shared workspace concept also allows for a more wholistic approach to the work environment because we go beyond just providing a space, we take care of our clients needs with top-notch amenities within the space : shower facilities, bike stations for fitness and multitasking, napping houses, a play area, and a fully stocked pantry.


What are the challenges you encounter in running your organization?

The biggest challenge so far would be creating noise and awareness about the brand. Since we are a new entrant to this kind of business concept, people find it surprising that a space like ours is located in Quezon City.


Posted by Online Philippines Corp. on Tuesday, December 11, 2018


How are you using digital marketing strategies to achieve your goals?

Today’s generation is fueled by communication thru mobile platforms. Since our target market comprises of mobile users and on-the-go individuals, we too have to rely on digital marketing as a main avenue of creating noise for our brand. We have our own website, a facebook page, and instagram account.

Our website serves as a main information hub allowing visitors a glimpse of our services and inviting them to connect with us. Facebook is mainly our active page where we post announcements, events, and even directly message some potential clients. Instagram on the other hand is a more curated approach to the happenings of our space, so it serves as an informal gallery for easy viewing of our visitors and followers. Eventbrite is also our main hub for any workshop and events because it provides a organized monitoring system for registered guests vs available seats.


Posted by Online Philippines Corp. on Tuesday, December 11, 2018


What is your biggest learning about managing an org or meeting your goals that you would like to share to the readers?

First of all, dedicate everything in prayer. Proverbs 16:3. Next, work for that success. Number one on your action plan should be Marketing. Because this is KEY and a main follow-through to your faith.

GreatWork has only been around for less than a year and our start was a struggle because I failed to implement or launch any significant advance marketing strategies. I thought a month for pre-leasing marketing would be enough… well that idea proved to be unfruitful because we struggled with gaining leads and closing contracts for a good 3 months after our launching. This was a nightmare because it felt like we hit the race trudging our feet.

Now, as of January 2019, we’re at full occupancy for our first branch and we’re already set to open our second branch in May 2019. I have made it a point to implement solid marketing strategies for the second branch as early as now.

What are your future plans for your business?

On May 2019 we’ll be launching the second GreatWork branch and on the 4th Quarter of 2019 or 1st Qtr 2020, we are opening GreatWork in Shanghai, China.

Things are looking up for Greatwork, we wish you all the best on your entrepreneurial journey! See the other amazing features this place has to offer below.


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