Google’s “Mobile-geddon” lands on the Internet

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Google has always provided its users with a vast array of innovations that lead its way to internet superiority. The company confirmed that there are now more mobile search queries than there are on desktop in 10 countries including US and Japan, so it did not come as a surprise that a few months ago, they announced another update to its mobile search algorithm. The announcement mentioned two parts of what is now dubbed as “Mobile-geddon;” we will now have more mobile-friendly websites and more relevant app content on our Google online searches.

On why it’s called Mobilegeddon


This update will bring change to the rankings of websites on search results by weeding its top pages of non-mobile friendly sites – proving to be disastrous for millions of websites; thus the name, “Mobile-geddon.” The announcement encouraged webmasters to take up their website development tools and redesign the mobile version of their sites, which provided Google with a 4.7% uptick in the proportion of sites that are mobile-friendly.



How does it affect you?


If you think that this does not affect your business, Itai Sadan, CEO of website building company, Duda, would like to disagree. “If people come to your site and the content is there but it’s not readable, that’s not good,” Sadan told Business Insider, emphasizing the importance of user experience as much as the quality of content.

Statistics show that 10% of people using Google search don’t make it to the second page – meaning, only a few people will be able to access your website if Google bot labels it non-mobile-friendly, despite the relevance of your content.


It’s time to step up your game.


Google thinks it’s time for an upgrade. Simply put, all the statistics on mobile usage is forcing us to change with the company. Fortunately, they didn’t leave us to fend for ourselves. Google has provided a way to test if your website is good to brave through the apocalypse. Eligibility in gaining the “mobile-friendly” label is subjected to these four criteria.


mobile friendly

Winner or Loser?


Despite the chaos and anxiety Google’s update has brought to the SEO industry, it is also an opportunity. Your website will benefit from it as much as mobile users will, may it be in sales increase or by visitor count.

A lot of websites have suffered from this – Searchmetrics released a preliminary list of the winners and losers to show that the upgraded algorithm is taking effect. This shows that in the eyes of Google and subsequently, its users, websites that are mobile-friendly are winners. So, which side will you be on, the winners or the losers?

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Sources: SDCEXEC , BBC


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