Featured Intern: Samantha Villanueva

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Tell us about yourself.

I’m a senior Information Technology student from Mapua University aspiring to be a Web Designer.


1. What was your position during your internship at Online Philippines?

 I was a Remote Web Developer Intern at Online Philippines.


2. What were the top three (3) learnings you took away from the program?

There are multiple things I learned during my internship at Online Philippines Corp. and the top three would be:

  1. Communication – I learned to value communication in the workplace. I learned the importance of providing updates and informing the changes made. I also learned to not be afraid to ask questions and seek guidance. As an intern, communication is an essential part of the training because without it, delays and other problems may be encountered.
  2. A Can Do Attitude – I learned to be confident and have a positive outlook when receiving tasks. When I am not familiar with the tasks, I don’t get discouraged and give up. Instead, I research first, read articles, watch tutorials and I find myself learning a lot more. 
  3. Time Management – Being a remote intern poses a challenge in managing all the tasks you need to do, especially with the leniency and the freedom of having a work from home setup. I learned to have my tasks and priorities organized to deliver results on time.


3. What was the most challenging part of the internship?

The most challenging part would be my zero experience on the web development platform they use. I was determined to take on the challenge of learning a new platform. I devoted my time in research and working my way into developing a usable website. Thankfully, my mentors have also been a great help teaching me on the do’s and don’ts in developing a website. I have learned every step of the way.


4) Did the lessons and mentorship help you achieve your career training goals? Why?

The lessons and mentorship has definitely helped me in my career. This internship has helped me realize what I truly want for my career which is to create applications/websites that are user-centered, easy to use and with proper functionalities. Moreover, working in a digital marketing company has really expanded my knowledge not only in the back end processes of the website, but also, having a different point of view that involves providing empathy to clients and other users.


5) Would you recommend Online Philippines to other students?

I would definitely recommend Online Philippines to other students! Mentors are very approachable and appreciative. Every day is a productive day with a new learning and enjoyable experience waiting for you.

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