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Featured Intern: Bianca Gallos

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Tell us about yourself.

I’m a senior Communication Arts student from De La Salle University-Manila aspiring to be a Marketing Associate in the future.

1. What was your position during your internship at Online Philippines?

 I was in the Marketing Department.

2. What were the top three (3) learnings you took away from the program?

One of the first things I learned from the program is that it’s good to know a little of everything or to be what they call “jack of all trades.” You shouldn’t limit yourself to only what you know but you should expand your knowledge since you’ll never know if you would need it in the future. I think that while you’re in a perfect opportunity of learning something, you should take full advantage of it. The second thing I learned from the program is that teamwork and communication really gets tasks done. There were times wherein I was confused on certain terms and tasks and instead of doing the work without any knowledge, I decided to ask my superiors since I didn’t want to do or come up with something that was wrong. For me, it was important to know and remember that my superiors are there for a reason which is to guide me and help me in any way they can. If I don’t communicate what my problems are, it could cause a lot of problems not only for me but for the company and clients as well.

3. What was the most challenging part of the internship?

The most challenging part of the internship was learning all these new things about marketing like hashtag research and the analytics and actually applying it to a company. I didn’t think there were so many things that went into creating content for brands other than the caption and what type of posts were to be made. Hashtag research was definitely one of the hardest since you would need to go through so many steps in order to have the right hashtags for just one brand. Besides that, going through the analytics was also hard enough since there were some terms I didn’t understand plus the added fact that when you compare data from previous months to the current one there would be so much math and interpretation involved which was one of my weaknesses. During the internship I did a lot of both hashtag research and analyzing the analytics which helped me overcome my doubts that I would not be able to learn it fast enough. I think by communicating with my mentors on these topics I was able to build my skill and confidence in them.

4) Did the lessons and mentorship help you achieve your career training goals? Why?

Yes, the lessons and mentorship helped me achieve my career training goals. When I was interviewed by Sir Ryan he asked me if I wanted to improve any particular skill and I told him that I really wanted to work on my analytical and creative skills since I felt that I was lacking there. He listened and gave me tasks which could help me build those skills. Everyday my tasks had a mix of analytical and creative problems that I needed to accomplish for the day so I could get used to it as well as to improve it and in my opinion, I think it did.

5) Would you recommend Online Philippines to other students?

I would recommend Online Philippines to other students because they will listen to your needs on what you need to improve on and guide you to become confident in those skills. Other than that, the company introduces students to great values such as: professionalism and time management which could be used in their future workplace.


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