Featured Intern: Franzene Marielle Guerra

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Franzene is a senior Advertising Arts student from University of Santo Tomas aspiring to be a Graphic Designer.


1) What was your position during your internship at Online Philippines?

I was a Graphic Design Intern.


2) What were the top three (3) learnings you took away from the program?

Although I have learned a lot from the program, there are 3 things that truly stood out. The first one is about values and relationships, I learned that no matter where you are in life you should still be able to value your morals and also value every relationship you make either with clients, your boss or your workmates. The second learning taught me how to be prepared in my adult life, It taught me how to be more responsible with finance and how to do stocks or investments. The last lesson taught me some graphic design technical skills as well as some knowledge on digital marketing.


3) What was the most challenging part of the internship?

Trying to adjust to a different pace for work environment was the hardest part for me. I had to try my best in prioritising which tasks should have been finished first, so time management should have been essential.


4) Did the lessons and mentorship help you achieve your career training goals? Why?

The lessons and mentorship I expected to learn were met, I was able to understand how to work in a professional workspace, was able to work and get along with different skilled people, was able to practice my graphic design skills and was also able to learn some life tips that you wouldn’t easily learn elsewhere.


5) Would you recommend Online Philippines to other students?

I would recommend Online Philippines to other students because It won’t just help you improve your skills, it will also bring you memorable experiences. It can teach you more than what you would expect cause it isn’t all about the technical aspects in their programs. Its an experience filled with learnings and challenges that will make you want to learn more.

Glad you learned a lot during your stay with us Franzene, we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Keep on shining!


Interested in joining our team as our Graphic Design Intern? Send your resume and portfolio to careers@onlinephilippines.com.ph. Check out the positions open HERE.

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