Facebook launches Like button for mobile app developers

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The Facebook Like and Share buttons can be viewed on average, across 10 millions websites daily. During the f8 conference this year, Facebook announced that the Like Button will be available on iOS and Android apps.

As stated on the Facebook blog, People using a mobile app can directly Like the app’s Facebook Page, or any Open Graph object within the app, and share on Facebook. The mobile Like Button works seamlessly with the Facebook account the person is logged into on their device, allowing people to Like any piece of content, while in your native app.


Here are some amazing facts on the mobile industry in the Philippines from Entrepreneur Philippines:

Mobile penetration is high with 106 million mobile subscribers, representing a mobile penetration rate of 111 percent and around two thirds of mobile users possess Internet-enabled devices. (ADMA 2012).

At 64 percent, ownership of Internet capable mobile phones is nearly equal to desktop ownershop (68 percent) and exceeds notebook computer ownership (58 percent). (Nielsen Southeast Asia Digital Consumer Report, 2011)

The Philippines is the fastest-growing smartphone market for Southeast Asia. Smartphones account for 30 percent of all mobile phones sold in the country. (Gfk Asia, 2012)


Indeed Facebook remains as the top social networking site in the Philippines, with 96% market share. And with the number of mobile users multiplying at an exponential rate, there is great opportunity for Facebook-targeted advertising in this country.

So with this small, yet significant development from Facebook, Facebook Pages can get the added visibility they need outside of Facebook in itself. Here’s to hoping Facebook releases more features in the coming months that focuses less on profit-making and highlights relevance of content, whether paid or organic, to level out the playing field between small and large businesses.


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