8 Reasons why you should Attend the SEO Summit 2015

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The air was thick with excitement, the crowds were buzzing, you could almost feel the energy of it all. My palms are sweating in giving the opening speech. It was SEO Summit 2014. The first-ever hacker-type SEO conference in the Philippines. That was almost a year ago.

What: SEO Summit 2015

Where: Alpha Tents, Alphaland Southgate Mall

When: June 20, 2015 – schedule of events can be found here

How: Register here and make sure to be there on the day

Ticket Price: 2,500php before May 15 and 2,800php after

In just a little over 2 months, SEO Summit 2015 will open its gates to the next wave of SEO specialists. Here are 8 reasons why you should attend.

Webmaster’s Note: If you want to check out how SEO Summit 2014 went, we have the videos and Powerpoint decks free (for a Tweet or Share) and available for download here.




There is no roulette of “Who’s game?” Rather, we handpicked the speakers we know can bring the best of today’s SEO on the table. There’s just three speakers who will be discussing two topics each. One keynote, and one forward-thinking.

“A whole day event with just three speakers?” Yeah, I now it may sound like overkill on the part of the speakers. Trust me, it isn’t. Grant, Sam and I have coordinated to make our topics streamlined to cover more than enough about SEO to get you home happy with some actionable strategies and tricks to boot.

We’re not claiming to be the ‘know-it-all’ authorities when it comes to SEO but we know enough to make each of our own product-based companies running and raking in revenue.

Sam is VP of marketing for DRI – a company that offers printing products and services online. Sam does a lot of hard-core crazy things when it comes to SEO and digital marketing. The few times I’ve spoken to this guy, I lit up with new ideas and went home to apply myself. He’s definitely a goldmine to listen to.

Grant is the founder of Coops and Cages – a dropshipping site that is generating an unbelievable amount of revenue through Grant’s streamlined strategies on SEO and digital marketing. He also heads up operations for Digital Marketing Group which offers SEO and CRO services. Each time that I’m privileged to exchange ideas with him, I always take home more than I’ve given – and that’s a rare thing for me. He isn’t shy in exchanging notes and giving away valuable strategies that he uses in his own site.

I’ve had the privilege of co-founding and running Qeryz – a SaaS company that enables you to gather 700% more user insights from your website. It’s been 11 months since I’ve started Qeryz and we’re getting good traction considering it’s a fledgling company. The main channel we’re doubling-down on in terms of user acquisition is, of course SEO.

So you see, we’re not just three speakers. We’re speakers that started up our own products-based businesses and used what we know about SEO to catapult our businesses to success.

We’re passing on how we did it in this seminar.




There is no room for “What do you want to talk about?” for us. I’ve been coordinating with Sam and Grant since January and we have agreed on topics that will compliment each other. Our keynotes will touch on the basics of SEO. I’ll be discussing on-site optimization, Sam will cover analytics and data that we need to prioritze for SEO and Grant will touch base on a different approach to linkbuilding.

What’s more exciting is our forward-thinking topics. I will cover conversion rate optimization and how it affects SEO, Sam will be discussing about niche search engines and why you should start investing time working on them, and Grant will touch base on SEO scalability. Three critical things that will shape the future of SEO in a global scale.




I’m not entirely sure if you remember last year’s buffet lunch but I had a really good time chomping down on the Thai Basil Chicken that Josiah’s Catering served up. This year’s menu is sure to be as delicious as Josiah’s Catering will serve another round of buffet lunch for everyone.

Bon Appétit!




One big thing we learned from last year’s SEO Summit – it’s a big, segmented crowd. Some attendees were people who were just starting out in the world of SEO. Some were already neck-deep in the trenches of digital marketing. So do we tackle the basics or the advanced?

Why not both?

And that’s exactly what we’re bringing to the table. Our keynote topics will consist of 30 minutes for each speaker. We will be touching base on the basics of SEO – which is actually what advanced SEO is made up of. Our forward thinking topics will again consist of 30 minutes for each speaker. We’ll be tackling the future of SEO and what’s next after a successful SEO campaign.

Now everyone can follow the flow of content in the SEO Summit.




250 is not a lot for the fast-growing SEO community of the Philippines. Last year, there were almost 250 people who attended. This year, we still only have room for 250 so as not to make the venue too packed.

We want to keep the crowd to a small number this year and perhaps that’s the last year we’re gonna keep it that way. Next year’s SEO Summit may look a lot differently depending on how this one goes. In any case, the 250 slots is fast running out so you better make sure you get yours today!




Last year we gave off some goodies – including Epson printer/scanners. This year’s is going to be a lot more interesting. We also have digital marketing software to give out to help you improve your or your client’s site.




1) Go to the SEO Summit site and click on Register

2) If you are paying via bank deposit, make sure to scan the deposit slip, fill up the form and press send


3) If you are paying via Paypal, click on the button, specify your number of tickets and purchase it via credit card or a Paypal account



4) Then send your name and your attendee’s names via email to so we can make the registration process easier for you when you arrive on the day


5) That’s it!




Last year we had A LOT of known SEO specialists join us in the SEO Summit. This year, there will be a lot more of them. I know, because they’ve already registered. Oh, and did I mention that Jon Cooper told us that he’s dropping by ?




Yep. And he’s guesting for the Q&A section. So make sure you get your questions ready!


They told me that the best part of the SEO Summit last year was the after party. I think that’s arguable. But hey, SEO plus beer = happiness seems about right.


Ain’t that a handful? I hope that these 9 things are more than enough reason for you to join the SEO Summit 2015. All that’s left for you to do is secure your slot and be part of this awesome SEO conference.

See you there!



Originally Published by: Sean Si

Media Partner: Online Philippines, We Bring Filipinos Online


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