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3 Steps To Basic Visual Branding

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Getting people to talk about and be aware of your brand will be much harder if you don’t have a solid brand image. This doesn’t only pertain to your reputation, but also how your brand appears visually. A good, easily-recognizable visual identity is advantageous in many ways, and if it’s arresting and attractive, it gets people more interested in who you are and what you do. Here are some tips to get you started with visual branding.
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Make your own visual guide 

Creating a visual primer for your brand allows you to keep track of your aesthetic and acts as a guide to making materials when you need to presenting things visually. You can put in pictures of your logo, associated color palettes, and a list of the preferred fonts used in graphic design materials. This can be either in an image file or a pdf—it’s your choice!

Be consistent

Look at the colors present in your logo and think about other colors you would like to identify with. Try to keep this to a minimum, and incorporate them into all visual content your brand presents online. Keep color palettes and visual styles similar across platforms like your website and your various social networking pages so people can learn to associate these visuals with your brand. It also lessens confusion when moving from one platform to another.


visual branding

Adjust accordingly

Just because your visual identity should be consistent doesn’t mean you have to keep using the same images all the time. Keeping in line with your aesthetic, you can change up images on your website and social networks according to significant events happening in your company. Got a new product launch that’s turned into a campaign? Make a new Facebook cover photo for it, or turn it into a banner on Twitter.

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