Restoran Garuda is a restaurant that serves authentic Indonesian dishes. Originally from Jakarta, Garuda was franchised to Manila for the very first time and is now located at Salcedo Village, Makati.


Restoran Garuda didn’t have any social media presence besides the address of the restaurant found on Google. There weren’t any posts nor any other information that a person could access online to check out the restaurant — they were, in a way, relying heavily on word of mouth. Garuda wanted to create an online presence so potential customers can stumble upon their restaurant online without having to trust solely on the foot traffic of Makati.


  • Marketing Consultation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo and Video Services


Marketing Consultation
    • Restoran Garuda took the first step by approaching Online Philippines to assess the problems they were facing and wanted to address. Online Philippines worked closely with the owners of Restoran Garuda by going over every necessary step to be able to fully understand the brand and what market needs to be targeted which was needed in the formation of an effective marketing strategy.
    • Service rendered: Application of sociological, psychological and technical concepts to practice, Audience Determination and Targeting, One-time, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Planning, Branding / Identity, Current Study Auditing, and Promotions Planning.
Social Media Marketing
  • Online Philippines gathered information from Garuda and created their social media accounts as well as other restaurant listing websites. Garuda then gained an online presence, they can be easily searched online, gained traffic, gained views, and most importantly gained an audience.
  • Service rendered: Content Calendar, Reposting, Replying to Customers, Boosting Advertisements, Analytics
Graphic Design
    • Along with Garuda’s plan to increase not just online presence but also foot traffic, Garuda must capture its target customers. Through good graphics, Garuda was able to have a more solid identity and branding to which customers can easily understand the essence of their restaurant.
    • Service rendered: collaterals, digital and print media, social media templates, banner and ad design, brochure and catalogue design, flyers
Photo and Video Services
    • Through the curating good quality photos, Garuda was able to capture the audience they intend to have through their food photography. Visual storytelling helped in Garuda’s struggle of not being known as much in the Philippines and it helped to introduce Garuda to the Filipino audience through mouthwatering food photos.
    • Service rendered: Content production, product photos