Hibana is a japanese restaurant located at Grand Midori Makati, that specializes in no-fuss, straightforward japanese dishes curated by Chef Mark Tan. Each dish is painstakingly made through traditional Japanese cooking methods infused with modern techniques.

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Hibana wanted to create an online presence especially with social media. Hibana also wanted to attract potential customers to dine in their restaurant.


  • Marketing Consultation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo and Video Services


Marketing Consultation
    • This is the first step Hibana took to be able to pinpoint the problems they wanted to address. By doing so, Online Philippines was able to create a more effective marketing strategy by forming solutions based on the problem.
    • Service rendered: Application of sociological, psychological and technical concepts to practice, Audience Determination and Targeting, One-time, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Planning, Branding / Identity, Current Study Auditing, and Promotions Planning.
Social Media Marketing
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    • This is the service given to Hibana as the solution to the problem of their lack of online presence. This included setting up their social media accounts as well as handling all their content to daily posting in their Facebook and Instagram account wherein they gained traffic, views, and an audience.
    • Service rendered: Content Calendar, Reposting, Replying to Customers, Boosting Advertisements, Analytics
Website Development
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    • This also targets the problem of Hibana with regards to a lack of online presence. By creating a website, they were now accessible online 24/7, their brand is seen as more credible, they have access to analytics which allows them to know their customers more, and they are able to showcase their menu online.
    • Service rendered: Website Creation, Revisions
Graphic Design
    • Through graphics, Hibana was able to capture the eyes of its potential customers through the creation of good graphic designs. They were also able to form its own solid identity and was able to flesh out its brand more through graphics.
    • Service rendered: collaterals, digital and print media, social media templates, website design, business cards, banner and ad design, brochure and catalogue design, corporate materials.
Photo and Video Services
    • There will always be a struggle to compete for attention once they entered the digital world. By curating good quality and artistic videos through visual storytelling, Hibana was able to capture the audience through food photography.
    • Service rendered: Content production, product photos, product AVP