GreenSolutions Inc. is a distributor of quality green building materials and a sustainability consulting provider.They work with developers, architects and engineers to realize their green building goals with our expertise and products.

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GreenSolutions wanted to have an online presence and to be more accessible anytime anywhere to those looking for their quality green building materials.


  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design


Website Development
    • GreenSolutions lacked a footprint online so the creation of the website solved their problem of having no presence. By creating a website, their products were now accessible for viewing 24/7, their brand deemed more credible, and they have now access to analytics which allows them to know their customers more.
    • Service rendered: Website Creation, Revisions
Graphic Design
    • Through a great website design, GreenSolutions was able to capture the eye of its potential customers through good design. GreenSolutions was able to create a more solid identity and was able to flesh out its brand more through graphics.
    • Services rendered: collaterals, digital and print media, social media templates, website design, business cards, banner and ad design, brochure and catalogue design, corporate materials.